When I arrived in Hanoi, one staff member was asking passengers if they have a transit.
I said yes to Shanghai and they invited me to wait on the side...
I informed that I know the way to go to the lounge and they repeated to wait. This I don't like!

A few minutes after, another person arrived to inform me that my flight is cancelled due to a storm in Shanghai.
(Let's explain, when in Shanghai there is a storm alert, it only means there will be raining... Nothing more!).
So they told me that my flight is rescheduled for the day after, which is impossible for me.
They told me there is no solution so I've to pass the border and get a free hotel. However, I informed them that I already used my free visa the week before and consequently I'm not eligible to the visa this time. At this instant, the guy froze!

I've checked the Shanghai airport website and saw that only a few flights were cancelled. So I started to bargain to get another flight with a transit in Beijing or Hong Kong. They said that it's possible however, the second flight will have to be paid by myself... F***. But no choice. So I pushed them to get a seat to Beijing. It took them 1h to give me a new BP while on their website, it showed a full availability! Which was finally true as we were 3 pax in J!

I showed you the lounge last time, so no need to put the same pics again!

========== Vietnam Airlines Lounge International ==========

Staff Service: 10/10
Entertainment: 8/10
Business Center: 8/10
Food: /10
Lounge Design: /10
Spa and Bathroom: /10
Wifi: /10


Well, honestly that wasn't the best Business experience on this flight. Another mistake on the order, the food really not tasty, not the good flight because of some rain in Shanghai...

However, the immigration in Beijing was very efficient.

After that I had to run to catch the next flight. You'll discover that in the next report!


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